“We are a free people, so we behave like free people, not like slaves.”


Janusz Kurtyka,  27 October 2001

Our New Format for History offers an innovative approach to education and the promotion of Polish history. Our objective is to disseminate information on the history of Poland and to reach and inspire a wide circle of recipients who have not been history buffs up to now. We hope our project will help to break through the glass ceiling and attract the attention of a large number of persons, encouraging them to learn more about Poland and its history.

Our project combines education with entertainment, offering recipients the opportunity to work with, and compete against each other in a process of unravelling mysteries and reaching the truth. To make the project exciting and give its users a sense of satisfaction, we have an escape room to take them on a fascinating journey across Warsaw at different stages of its history. We also have a coffee shop with a special atmosphere and the Foundation’s book shop which offers a wide range of books. Our New Format for History provides a daily dose of historical facts and curiosities presented in the social media in an attractive form and the latest design trends.