During World War Two the people of Poland created the Home Army and the Polish Underground State – an absolutely unique phenomenon which laid a strong foundation for Poland’s national identity.”

Janusz Kurtyka

On the Heroes’ Trail is an activity area the Foundation has launched to disseminate information about the brave men and women who fought for Poland’s freedom and independence in the 20th century. In this project we take a hands-on approach to relating history. To remedy the deficit of information on Poland’s endeavour to recover and secure its independence, we have decided to organise tourist events that give participants an insight into Polish history, offering them an innovative way to discover the past of the places they will be visiting. On the tour they will see and hear the stories of the individuals who took part or witnessed the historic events that took place there.

One of the main events in this project is Following in the Footsteps of the Indomitable Soldiers, which consists of a series of coach tours and hikes across countryside associated with selected combat units and individuals involved in the Polish pro-independence resistance movement. Another event intended to give participants information on Poland’s freedom fighters is Following in the Footsteps of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. Supplementing these activities, we have a number of walks through history: one takes participants to the districts of Warsaw in which the Germans massacred tens of thousands of civilians within a few days, it’s called The Story of the Wola and Ochota Massacre; another set of events of this kind, Following in the Footsteps of Warsaw’s Fighters and Insurgents, takes participants on a municipal walk to see the places in the city connected with historic incidents that happened under German occupation.