We hold the independence tradition as one of the key features making up the identity of the Polish State.”

Janusz Kurtyka, 17 February 2010


Our postgraduate course of study entitled Public Diplomacy in Poland’s Politics of Memory is the Foundation’s reaction to the shortage of qualified staff for the institutional promotion of Poland’s heritage at the international level.

A country’s history is part of its national heritage and the source of its identity, and as such may be regarded as a special kind of asset accruing over the centuries. This resource should be managed by representatives of the world of politics, scholarship, and culture, in a manner befitting national heritage and for the country’s good. That’s how we want to see public diplomacy working in the context of the politics of memory. Its purpose is to develop and pursue activities which support and promote a country’s historic heritage and its disseminators; and to launch undertakings to improve our lives by applying the conclusions we can draw from our history. We pursue activities in this category on a variety of scales: at the local, national, and international level.